Providing financial clarity for Senior Executives


  • Mark and Helen were both Senior Executives in their respective careers who required a strategic approach to managing their financial affairs. They wanted to understand whether they could afford to retire early so that they could take control of their own time.
  • We produced a Financial Plan which demonstrated the best way for them to structure and utilise their assets, in order to tax-efficiently produce their desired retirement income. We produced investment recommendations and gave advice with regards to their pensions and savings.
  • We implemented all of our recommendations, and now manage the clients’ affairs on an ongoing basis. Mark and Helen were able to take early retirement, and use their pensions and investments to support their dream of traveling the world. We manage their investments for them and provide proactive strategic advice throughout the year with regards to tax-efficient income production. We also have at least annual meetings to ensure that the strategy remains appropriate to their changing requirements.
  • The plan we created gave Helen the confidence to take early retirement. Mark was also to retire early, within two years.

What did we do

Mark and Helen today