Providing financial clarity for Business Owners


  • Andrew and Linda are business owners who required a strategic approach to managing their financial affairs. They wanted to understand how they could tax efficiently extract profits from the business, and pass wealth on to their children without creating an inheritance tax problem within their estate.
  • We produced a Financial Plan which demonstrated the impact of maximising pension contributions from the business, as well as ensuring that the income they received was as tax efficient as possible. We produced investment recommendations and gave advice with regards to the most appropriate structure for their personal and business assets.
  • We implemented all of our recommendations, and now manage the clients’ affairs on an ongoing basis. This includes investment management, proactive strategic advice, and at least annual meetings to ensure that the strategy remains appropriate.
  • Andrew and Linda are now fully retired. They have recently purchased a holiday home abroad and are able to travel the world enjoying a happy and secure retirement.

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Andrew and Linda today