Planning for retirement as a business owner


Andrew and Linda were 65 and married. They owned a business which supplied the construction industry.

The couple wanted a tax-efficient approach to financial planning to allow funds to be extracted from the company; they also wanted to plan for the ultimate sale of the business and how this would impact their long-term lifestyle and financial situation. A number of years later, the couple sold their business to an overseas buyer.

What did we do

In the early years, we established a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) sponsored by the company. This allowed for significant company pension contributions, which were also tax-efficient.

Within the SSAS, we created a diversified investment portfolio. The SSAS also gave the potential for loan backs to the company and company property purchase.

Once the couple had sold the company, we produced a financial plan which helped Andrew and Linda to ensure they had sufficient funds to maintain their lifestyle for the rest of their lives and created portfolios which produced enough income to meet their requirements.

Andrew and Linda today

The couple sold the business for an amount that they were satisfied with. The funds, combined with pension payments, were sufficient to meet their long-term needs.

Andrew and Linda are now fully retired. They have recently purchased a holiday home abroad and are able to travel the world enjoying a happy and secure retirement