Peace of mind after the death of a partner


Sue was 68 when she was widowed. She had already retired but felt completely lost when it came to financial matters. Her husband had always dealt with their finances, including their investments.

On a base level, Sue was worried that she wouldn’t be able to manage the complexity and paperwork involved. On a bigger scale, Sue was concerned that she wouldn’t have enough money to meet her needs, leave money for the children or pay for long-term care.

What did we do

We met with Sue and immediately helped her to feel more at ease by getting to know her, her worries and goals. We reassured her that we could deal with all the paperwork and ongoing administration.

The next step was to produce a financial plan, which confirmed that Sue would indeed have sufficient income for the rest of her life. We recommended that she restructure her investments to produce some income to replace the lost income of her husband. We also liaised with lawyers to help Sue create a new will, which included lasting powers of attorney to ensure her wishes for later life were set in place.

We finally put an ongoing plan in place to help Sue with all financial matters, no matter how big or small. We schedule regular reviews and meetings, and we are available by phone to answer any questions she has.

Sue today

The financial planning process has provided much-needed peace of mind for Sue.

Without additional worry, Sue now has time to adjust to her new lifestyle without her partner, spend more time with family and focus on the important things in life.