Managing and refining an existing investment portfolio


David was 60 and had already retired. He had recently moved up north from the south of the country. His previous financial adviser had not given him the level of service he expected; he was looking to find a new adviser whom he could trust to deliver an exceptional level of service.

David had a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and a general investment portfolio. He had a good level of knowledge about his investments but wanted someone to provide management and administration, as well as discussion on investment ideas.

What did we do

We became David’s new Financial Planners and took over his portfolio, providing a complete review of the contracts and the investments themselves.

We also re-established his risk profile, made asset allocation revisions and re-assessed any tax planning requirements. From there, we could make recommendations on the changes that should be made.

We recommended that David changed SIPP provider, as a new provider would be more cost-effective. We also made a number of alterations to the investments within the SIPP and David’s portfolio, aligning it to his updated risk profile and preferred asset allocation.

David today

David signed up to our annual review service, which includes ongoing advice throughout the year; something which he values highly, as someone who is very involved and interested in the planning process.

David is able to talk to us whenever he wishes, whether that’s to discuss new investment ideas or the performance of his investments.

He can now relax, knowing that there is someone managing his portfolio in a way that is in accordance with his preferences. He can now get on with the most important thing: enjoying his retirement.