Case studies

We believe that high-quality financial planning, delivered with integrity, makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the stories of the real people we have helped to achieve their goals.

Providing financial clarity for Business Owners

Andrew and Linda owned a business which supplied the construction industry. Initially, they came to us to discuss how they could use their business to help fund their retirement. Years later, when they sold the business, we helped them plan for their future.

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Purchasing business premises

Keith was the Director of a security business. He was looking to purchase premises for his company. Unfortunately, Keith didn’t have sufficient personal or company funds in order to do so; understandably, he did not want to take the route of borrowing extensively from the bank.

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Managing and refining an existing investment portfolio

David was 60 and had already retired. He had recently moved up north from the south of the country. His previous financial adviser had not given him the level of service he expected; he was looking to find a new adviser whom he could trust to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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Providing financial clarity for Senior Executives

Mark and Helen were both Senior Executives in their respective careers who required a strategic approach to managing their financial affairs.

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Peace of mind after the death of a partner

Sue was 68 when she was widowed. Her husband had always dealt with their finances, including their investments. Sue was worried that she wouldn’t be able to manage the paperwork involved or have enough money to meet her needs, leave money for the children or pay for long-term care.

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