Shelagh Taylor

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

Shelagh has worked in financial services for over 30 years. Her specialist areas are investments and pensions; she is also a Chartered Financial Planner and Pension Transfer Specialist, meaning she has met rigorous criteria to become one of the UK’s leading financial professionals.

As a Director, Shelagh is also responsible for compliance and risk functions in the business, as well as team development.

The aspect she loves most about her job is meeting with clients and helping them to achieve their aspirations through bespoke financial planning.

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In her spare time, Shelagh enjoys walking, playing golf in the sunshine and skiing. She is also passionate about raising money for charity and supports a number of local organisations.


All financial advisers in the UK must be registered on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register and hold a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). In an age where financial scams pose a real threat, it’s important to make sure you don’t take financial advice from anyone who doesn’t appear on the FCA Register or hold a valid SPS.

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Shelagh loves

  • Skiing
  • Walking my dog
  • Sitting in the sun
  • Good food with red wine/cava
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • The occasional round of golf when the sun is shining

Shelagh loathes

  • Poor service
  • Rude people
  • Golf in the rain
  • Wasting money
  • Being unorganised

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