Investment Outlook for 2021

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Welcome to Landmark’s Investment Outlook for 2021.

2020 – a year like no other!

Forecasts made at the beginning of 2020 were quickly shredded as markets had to deal with a global pandemic – a phenomena not experienced during our lifetime.
The virus took a heavy toll. For some it meant the loss of friends and relatives, whilst others were seriously ill.

At Landmark, we appreciated this was a difficult time for many of our clients. In this regard, we hope 2021 will bring an end to the effects of this deadly virus.

From a financial viewpoint, the volatility in markets tested the resolve of investors. It tested their appetite for risk, their ability to ride out the storm and stay invested. It may well be a storm that has not yet reached its final conclusion.

Fortunately, the pandemic also brought unprecedented action from central banks. As in the 2008/09 financial crisis, banks were quick to offer unprecedented fiscal stimulus to help support economies.

However if investors followed the news and health of the nation, they would have expected their portfolios to be decimated. But, this was not the case, as can be read in the section “review of 2020”.

Remember, when reading our forecast any short term period has to be put into the context of longer term trends. As this is our main focus.

We would also like to remind you that making any short term forecast is fraught with difficulties. The purpose of this outlook provides us with some direction and appreciation of current events. And, although long term investment fundamentals do not change, this type of forecasting may help manage risk and also highlight opportunities.

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