A Guide to Pensions on Divorce

guide to pensions on divorce

Navigating through what may be uncertain territory during this emotional time – a guide to pensions on divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, our guide to pensions on divorce may help. Dividing up any pensions you have will usually be one of the largest financial decisions you need to make. Agreeing financial arrangements in your divorce can seem daunting; there are so many misconceptions and myths as to what each party is entitled to that it gets confusing.

The rules surrounding dissolution of a registered civil partnership are the same as those for divorce.

In this guide, we use the term ‘divorce’ to mean the end of a registered civil partnership as well as the end of a marriage.

It’s important to understand that pensions are an asset in the same way as your house or any other type of savings.

If you would like to receive further help and guidance, please contact the Landmark Financial Planning Team.

View the guide here.



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