Our investment philosophy

One of the most critical aspects in determining the success of a financial plan is the investment management.

We term our approach to investment as “intelligent investing”.

In today’s complex world of financial uncertainty, we follow proven investment principles when creating our clients’ portfolios. Our aim is to produce returns that meet our clients’ goals at an acceptable level of risk.

Our investment philosophy is driven by the following investment principles:

  1. Define investment goals
  2. Understand individual tolerance to risk
  3. Select investments that have a strong yield
  4. Use the buy and hold strategy
  5. Diversify assets to manage risk
  6. Reduce costs wherever possible
  1. Seek value in assets purchased
  2. Use tax-efficient structures to hold investments
  3. Use an investment policy statement
  4. Select stock with a strong dividend record
  5. Select funds with a strong record of performance
  6. Review the portfolio regularly